SSRK Ulriksdal 11/5-2019

Domare: ESS – Edith Rose, UK (Rosannoch). BIS-valp – Susanna Zubair, UK. Bästa uppfödargrupp – Heather Wiles-Fone, UK. BIS – Kirsi Nieminen, Finland.

CH Barecho Bring The Gold ”Biggles”
”20 month, liver & White. This Young dog has all the attributes the breeder seeks? Startup? with his stifer masculine head which is balanced. Strong arched neck and correct front assembly and profile balanced and strong level topline. Strong hind quarters. Super bone, and depth of chest. Presented excellent and his movement is just well covering the ground easily with drive. Dog I like to bring home.”

CH Barecho Play Now Pay Later ”Paco”
Exc 1 CHKL CK BH-2
”Liver & White dog, super breed type. Stunning head type. Strong arched neck. Correct front and rib assembly. Excellent depth of body. Presented in great condition. Super balanced dog, covering the ground soundly.”

Barecho Choose Me Or Lose Me ”Cosby”
Exc 1 ÖKL CK BH-3 Res-CERT
”Outstanding 2 year old dog. Super head with ? expression. Correct front and rib assemly. Excellent depth of bodyy. Super bone and feet. Excellent on the move, sound covering the ground freely.”

CH Barecho You Rock My World ”Yalla”
”Liver & White, loved him for breed type, size and substance. Nothing I can fault him on. Excellent shoulder and rib assembly. Moved freel with sound and precision, covering the ground.”

CH Barecho Bling Bling No Way ”Blingen”
Exc 1 UKL CK BT-3 Res-CERT
”20 month old, liver & White. Lovely breed type. Balanced head, Eyes still need to darken. Superwell front and shoulder. Well balanced profile with good depth of body. Well off for bone. Type feet. Strong rib assembly. ? need to tighten on. Moved freely with reach and drive.”

Barecho Here She Comes ”Salty”
”Liver & White. 1 year old. Sweetest of  heads with Lovely Eyes and expression. Strong, arched neck and correct front assembly. Loved her breed type. Strong muscular hind quarters. Middle ? still to develop. Excellent on the move, covering the ground with reach and drive.”

CH Barecho Party In My Head ”Pasta”
”5 years old. Liver, White tri. Love her breed type. Very feminine with substance. Gorgeous head ?. Super over front and rib assembly. Good depth of chest. Ample bone. Moved soundly covering ground with ease.”

Barecho Jackpot Joy ”Joy”
1 VAKL HP BIR-valp BIS-2 valp
”Liver White tri. Balanced head, sweet expression. Eyes still to darken. Super over neck and shoulder. Good lay of shoulder. Balanced ? with strong hind quarters. Advantage to use on the move, driving behind with excellent reach and front for one so Young. Needs to ? Little on elbow. However excellent breed type and one for the future. Outstanding movement for age.”

Barecho Hear The Cheers ”Molly” (äg. Elin Ottergren)

Kennel Barecho (Yalla, Biggles, Blingen och Pasta)
1 UPPFKL HP Bästa uppfödargrupp BIS-1
”Lovely breed type. All have Lovely heads. Super substance and bone. All correct in body proportion. Moved sound and freely, covering the ground. They are all a credit to their breeder.”

Biggles Best In Show

Biggles BIS-1

Joy BIS-2 valp

BIM CH Linmoor Hera & BIR CH Barecho Bring The Gold

BIM-valp Quality Design Retro Is The New Old & BIR-valp Barecho Jackpot Joy

BH-1 Biggles, BH-2 Paco och BH-3 Cosby

BIS-1 Uppfödargrupp

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